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Correa Book cover

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Copies can be purchased through ebay or in botanical bookshops.

285 x 210 mm, 176 pages, 250 colour plates & maps

A must have book for any gardeners who love Correas

This is the first comprehensive guide to the identification and cultivation of Correas in Australia. It describes 10 species, 26 sub-species and 145 varieties. As well as detailed descriptions, the book contains chapters on cultivation, propagation and a guide to attracting birds to the garden. Many new cultivars, never before published have been included. It is an excellent reference for gardeners, nurserymen, native plant enthusiasts and botanists. 

Correas, also known as Native Fuchsia, occur naturally from the Queensland Border Ranges to Eucla in the west and throughout Tasmania and the Bass Strait islands.  As garden plants they have been steadily growing in popularity in Australia over the past 20 years. Most varieties are frost and drought hardy and flower in Autumn and Winter providing an important source of nectar for small birds, especially honeyeaters. They are therefore the ideal Australian native plant for temperate and coastal gardens and will thrive in cool highland gardens which experience long winters with severe frosts.

Wattle Book Front Cover

New Book for everyone who loves Wattle

Add a signed copy to your order RRP $25.00

180 x 240 mm, 304 pages, 224 photos

This book documents the history of Wattle Day
and our national emblem.

Wattle is the best known and most loved of all our native flora. This book is a revised edition of 'Wattle' (AGPS 1991). lt expands on that earlier book. New features include Wattle Day memories and a wealth of suggestions for schools and the community to help them celebrate future Wattle Days. There are additional poems in the anthology and special sections have been inserted outlining a brief history of the Wattle Day Asociation, the amazing story of the Hiroshima connection. an explanation of the botanical battle for Australia's retention of the name Acacia and a detailed summary of the debate about wattle and allergies. Beautifully illustrated throughout with 224 photographs and watercolours of wattles as well as many archival photos.

Landscaping Service

Want to have a beautiful
Australian Native Garden
but unsure what to plant or how to go about it?
Perhaps you have a problem area and don't know how to solve it.

We have a consultancy service

Ring Maria on 6775 1139

An hour's consultation costs $40.00

This can save you heaps of money and time

The service is available to customers in the Armidale area ONLY

Maria is the foremost native plant expert in the area with over 30 years experience of gardening with native plants in New England. She has designed many local gardens and offered advice to a large number of residents. She is a respected and trusted member of the Armidale Community. Maria taught some popular Horticulture courses at TAFE for several years and has a major in Botany at UNE. She has a wide knowledge of the local flora and how to grow these plants successfully in a garden setting.

She is a Life member of the NSW Australian Plants Society and former President of the Armidale Group.

She is the former Leader of the Correa Study Group in Australia and current Leader of the Waratah and Flannel Flower Study Group in Australia.

She is also founder and leader of Save our Flora, a national online group devoted to growing our rare and threatened flora.

Maria holds the National Correa Collection in her garden which is registered with GPCAA and BGANZ as a private botanic garden. She has participated in Australia's Open Garden Scheme and opens her garden to visiting groups regularly.

She is author of several native plant books
and a garden columnist. She has written many articles on native plants and continues to discover new ways of incorporating native plants into the garden.

Maria is a strong advocate for sustainability and recycling. She encourages gardeners to use their old newspapers and magazines as weed barriers and to chip all prunings as mulch to conserve water.

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 Medium pot

Square Tube  50 x 50 x 125mm                $5.00
Small compact vertical  root system
Needs regular watering until established
Best planted in Spring or Autumn
Suitable for posting (especially interstate orders)

 Medium pot

Medium pot  140 x 140mm                 $10.00
Semi-advanced plants
Strong compact root system
Plant at any time of the year
Watering frequency will depend on the species and rain
Suitable for posting

Frost Protector pack                 
1 milk carton (new)
2 bamboo stakes