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Maria Hitchcock
Ph. 02 6775 1139
PO Box 4214
Armidale West NSW 2350 

About Us

The Nursery is situated just 4kms west of Armidale NSW at an altitude of 1100m.
The area experiences hard frosts each winter.
All plants sold are grown on site and acclimatised.
Seed and cutting material are obtained locally from hardy species.

fangorn snow 1a
The garden under snow in Winter 2007

The garden

Frost protection

This native garden uses many design principles to counteract frost damage in winter.
It has overhead protection with a tree canopy made up of Eucalypts, Acacias and Casuarinas.
Plants are grown closely together to provide a variety of microclimates and rock walls near the house provide protection for smaller plants.
Plants are carefully placed with aspect in mind.
Tender plants are grown on the southern side of the garden or shaded from the early morning sun.

New plantings are always protected with a milk carton for the first winter.
The garden is covered by a thick layer of woodchips to discourage weed growth and maintain soil moisture.
Woodchips were chosen as they last up to 5 years before replacement is needed.
This garden is home of  the National Correa Collection.  Go to

Maria Hitchcock

Maria Hitchcock is the former Leader of the ASGAP Correa Study Group and is the recognised expert. 
She  is currently Leader of the Waratah and Flannel Flower Study Group. Go to
Maria runs an online group called Save our Flora dedicated to rare and endangered native plants.

She is also known as 'The Wattle Lady' being responsible for gazettal of Australia's National Floral Emblem (Acacia pycnantha) and National Wattle Day (September 1).  She has over 40 years experience of growing frost and drought hardy Australian native plants and is a regular speaker at Garden Club events in the Region and at Native Plant conferences. She is author of  'Correas - Australian Plants for Waterwise Gardens' (2010), 'Wattle' (1991),  co-author of 'Australian Plants for the Northern Tablelands of NSW' (1982) and has written two editions of 'Australian Plants' (Correas and Wattles) as well as many newspaper and journal articles.

This nursery has a very low carbon footprint. We use our own water and no greenhouse heating.               
Organic fertilisers are used in production and waste water flows to nearby gardens. 
We encourage sustainability and an appreciation for our native flora