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Create a beautiful cool climate native garden                                         Retail mail order nursery situated in Armidale
Be waterwise - grow Correas!                                                                  on the frosty Northern Tablelands of NSW
Easy care plants for busy  people. 

Nursery is open BY APPOINTMENT only.
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Please note:
All orders are sent on Mondays to avoid being held in the PO over the weekend.

What's new!

Have just taken delivery of a new batch of Crowea exalata 'Celebration'. These fantastic plants are just walking out the door. They are in full flower in the pots and look wonderful. Croweas are some of the best native plants - very frost hardy, drought hardy, long lived, flower for long periods and are very easy care. If you don't have some of these in the garden you are missing out. They are brilliant in mass plantings.  'Celebration' is a new variety to add to the Crowea collection.

The nursery does not charge GST but we now find it necessary to charge 50c per plant for packaging. We started this business by recycling wine boxes but as the nursery has grown we are getting larger orders and have to purchase boxes.  In future, packaging will be itemised separately on your invoice. 

We are now able to take card payments over the phone. Ring Maria on 02 6775 1139.
More and more customers are taking advantage of this convenient service.

Don't forget my courier service for customers in NSW and the ACT only! It's a real bargain compared with postal charges.
A box of 12 plants (140mm size) anywhere in NSW or ACT for only $22.00 freight delivered in 1-2 days.
The box can be made up with all tubes (40) or a mix of tubes and 140mm plants.
Larger orders for NSW are more economical to be sent by courier. See the ordering page for details.
There is a packaging charge of 50c per plant.

All interstate orders (Qld, Vic, SA) are posted regardless of quantity or mix of plants. It is best to order tubes.

This nursery has a very low carbon footprint. We use our own water and no greenhouse heating.               
Organic fertilisers are used in production and waste water flows to nearby gardens. 
We encourage sustainability and an appreciation for our native flora
Returns Policy: Once plants leave the nursery they are the responsibility of the purchaser. All effort is taken to ensure that plants are healthy when dispatched.
In line with common retail nursery practice plants that die in the care of the purchaser will not be refunded or replaced.

Privacy Policy: Your privacy is respected and assured with this business.